Grade Reconfiguration Announced

The Board of Trustees approved new grade configurations for R.J. Hawkey, Heloise Lorimer and Meadowbrook schools, April 4, 2019, following a public consultation held this past winter.

Based on the desire of parents to ensure RVS’ youngest students were served in their community and that peer groups move together, effective Sept. 3, 2019, the grade structure for schools serving Kindergarten to Gr. 8 students on the east side of Airdrie will be:


R.J. Hawkey Elementary School                   K - Gr. 5

Heloise Lorimer School                                K - Gr. 5

Meadowbrook School                                 Gr. 6 - 8

Students currently attending the Christian program at R.J. Hawkey and Meadowbrook also will align to these schools’ new grade configurations.

Students will automatically be enrolled in their new school and transportation services will be made available for any students residing 1.5 km from their designated school. Parents are encouraged to register their child for transportation services prior to the end of the year. Transition planning for students affected by this change will get underway shortly, with announcements made to parents by their child’s receiving school.

If you have any questions, please contact Airdrie’s Area Director Ira Stroh at 403.945.4014.

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