Principal's Message

R.J. Hawkey is a really great school and these are some of the reasons why…

  • Terrific children attend our school! Their learning is at the heart of every decision we make.
  • We have a dedicated staff that believes all students can be successful when learning opportunities and resources are accessible to them.
  • The positive welcoming atmosphere in our building helps students, staff, parents and community members develop a sense of belonging.
  • Our staff members are committed to continually improving their practice.  This means we strive to provide your children with learning experiences that are researched, up-to date, relevant and engaging.
  • We model and teach our students to care about our community and the world around it.  Civic, social and environmental stewardship are fostered to help students to learn the virtues of generosity and responsibility.
  • Leadership opportunities are afforded to students in our school.  We believe that leadership is about action not position, and all students have the capacity to make meaningful contributions.
  • We are a learning community that values risk taking, inquiry, and searching for answers to the big questions in our world.
  • We strive to collaborate in meaningful ways with you, our student’s primary teachers.  We know that when we work together your children flourish and grow.

To begin the 2016-2017 school year we welcome over 400 students to our school.  24 teachers, 19 support staff, and the expertise of numerous Rocky View Schools’ specialists will serve our students and support their learning.  Included in these numbers are staff and students from two programs that are new to our school, the Airdrie Christian Program and a divisional program that provides enhanced support for young children with mental health concerns. Our population has had a significant shift. Many families are no longer in our attendance area as a new school, Heloise Lorimer has opened.    We are working hard to facilitate a smooth transition for all of our students.  To our new families - welcome, we look forward to your involvement in our learning community.

A great school is not about a building; it is the community within in. It takes vision, passion and courage to make a school great. Our school culture is underpinned by relationships built on trust and respect. This culture is enriched in commitment and collaboration combined with quality learning opportunities and educational vision.  Our school is great because of constant positive input by everyone involved.

Sue Long

Proud Principal

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