A Message from School Administration


Welcome to R.J. Hawkey!

Safe    Caring    Connected

These three words are extremely important at R.J. Hawkey and form the foundation of the work that we do with our students and families.  Building strong, healthy relationships with each other is the foundation of all our work at R.J.  Our staff welcome all students with open arms each morning and set the stage for learning by checking in with their students.  If students require some support when they arrive, we seek out resources to help them prepare for the day.

We are also working diligently to help students feel safe and cared for by helping students develop self-regulation skills so they can be successful in all areas of the school.  Intentional teaching in the areas of being calm and focused learners has been instrumental in this work and continues to be a focus in all classrooms.  Students are learning strategies to monitor their feelings, behaviours, and actions and are taught proactive ways to manage their social and emotional responses.

We also value the connections we have with our families and community.  Our Welcome Back Pancake Breakfast, Evening parent presentations, Newsletter, Three Way Conferences and the parent portal ensure that we are in contact with our families on a regular basis to keep them informed of their child’s progress and the great things happening at R.J.  We also seek out initiatives in our community so that students feel involved and connected to their local community.

R.J. is a unique school as we offer 4 different programs within our school walls.  In addition to our regular K – 5 elementary program, we offer the K – 4 Airdrie Christian Program, have a Pre-School Intervention Program, and have an Enhanced Support for Mental Health class.  These four programs seamlessly flow together and create a rich learning environment.  We are extremely proud that we can offer these varied programs to our families.

Literacy has been a strong focus over the years at R.J. and we are pleased to be called a “Reading Place”.  Our partnership with Calgary Reads has developed a strong culture of reading and we are continuing to strengthen our instructional strategies in literacy to build on this success.  Numeracy is now an area that we are embarking on as a school and our staff will be learning and working together to collaboratively implement research informed practices around strong pedagogy.  It will be an exciting year of learning!

We are extremely proud of being the Administrators at this wonderful school.

Jason Billings                           Lisa Guy

Principal                                   Assistant Principal

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