Breakfast Program

One of the programs offered at R.J. Hawkey School is the breakfast program.  Established in 1991, this program's mission is...

"To care for children who have needs for personal, social, and/or Nutritional support outside of their homes on school day mornings."

We provide children with a nutritionally balanced breakfast but we also do so much more.  We teach nutrition, provide a safe and caring environment and lend a listening ear to kids.  We also provide children with games and activities to participate in, developed around the themes of nutrition and self esteem.

Breakfast is available every school day morning starting at 7:15 AM and is available to any student who attends R.J. Hawkey School.  It is available on a one time crisis basis or as a regular intervention.

The children who attend our program are provided with a selection of nutritious food choices.  They can have hot or cold cereal, milk, yogurt, fruit, bagels, juice, crackers and cheese or peanut butter.  They are encouraged to have selections from each of the four food groups.

Our food is provided in part by the Airdrie Food Bank.  Funding for the program has been provided by a Social Enhancement Planning grant made available throught the City of Airdrie and corporate donations.

One of the most important aspects of our program is the nurturing that take place there.  Students who attend find a safe caring atmosphere to share their concerns and problems.  We deal with issues such as lost homework, forgotten lunches, fights with big brother and hurt feelings on a regular basis.  In addressing these issues the school staff finds that when kids arrive in class from the breakfast program they are settled and ready to learn.  This makes the program a real asset to the whole school population.

We are staffed by a paid coordinator, one staff person and volunteers from our community.  Please feel free to drop by and see how we operate any morning between 7:15 - 8:00 AM, or feel free to call the school for more information.

For additional information, or if you are interested in volunteering or donating to this program, please contact Lori McRitchie at the Airdrie Food Bank at 403.948.0063 or by email "


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