Parent Resources

Here is a collection of resources for Parents. Contact me (Ms. Chow) at the school if you require more information, or are interested in a topic not covered on this page.
Kelly Bear - Parent Resources has great links to help with a variety of issues, including parenting tips, how to deal with challenging behavior in children, and even how to help teach manners.
Community Links
Community Links ie always expanding its programs. This is my "Go-To" provider in Airdrie for all things to do with Kids and Parenting. From Courses for Parents, to Clubs for kids. Community Links will work for you!
Mental Health - Children's Hospital
Calgary Children's Hospital offers both intensive and emergency Mental Health Assessments and Intervention. If your child expresses thoughts or feelings of Suicide or Depression (even as a young child) you can bring them to Children's Hospital for a risk assessment to determine the best plan of action. Unsure of if your child's depression is severe enough to bring them? My answer would be "Is it worth the risk not to take them?".
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