Home Reading
Home reading is an important partnership between home and school. Students are encouraged to read with a family member for about 15 minutes everyday. While reading, talking about the books is equally important. Please help make home reading an important part of your family's routine.
Sight Words
Having an increased number of sight words helps to improve fluency and accuracy while reading. This in turn helps to improve comprehension of what is being read. Your child will be practicing sight words on an on-going basis throughout the year. We will be working through the Fry Sight Word List which includes 3000 of the most common words printed in English.
Spelling Words
These are the grade two "No Excuse Spelling Words" which means that by the end of grade two, students should be spelling these words correctly in their daily writing across all subjects. Of course all the children will advance at their own pace. We will be doing weekly spelling that focuses on different spelling patterns and the words sent home will reflect that specific pattern.
Mathletics is a curriculum aligned math game to help students practice the math skills we have learned in class.
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