Ms. Hill - Teacher Bio

A bit about who I am and what to expect this year in your child's class.

My name is Jackie Hill.  You can reach me via email or by phone (, or 403-948-3939).  I am new to R.J. and excited to be here!  I have taught grade one for four years and every other grade to nine for at least three years.  I have spent the last three years teaching K-9 at a Hutterite colony with Rocky View Schools, so I am very familiar with all the grade curriculums, working with ELL students and driving long distances on rocky roads.

I expect children to come to school ready to learn - a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast.  My expectations for children's behaviour is high and I find that most children are more than capable when the bar is set high, but within reach.  I have a good sense of humour and will always give my students 100%.

My class home reading program will start by mid-September and sight words will start coming home shortly after that. Please take 15-30 minutes each day to read to your child, review sight words and practice some numeracy skills.  Two minutes counting buttons or coins is a good place to start.  You are your child's best fan and every minute you spend is worth 10 from a teacher.

Please connect with me if you have any questions about what we are covering, or your child's specific needs.

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